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FAST - Future Advancers of

Science & Technology

Connecting professional scientists, engineers, and artists with high school students to tackle big problems and create amazing projects

Expanding possibilities for students from disenfranchised or under-resourced communities to shape the future

What is

FAST connects professional scientists, technologists, engineers, artists, and mathematicians (STEAM) with high school students to work on year-long open-ended projects that inspire students to pursue STEAM professions. Mentors and students meet in the afternoon every other Saturday throughout the school year to brainstorm a novel project, execute the project, and share the results with the larger community. 

FAST also provides up to $100 per student for project supplies and helps connect students with resources at universities to make their wildest ideas a reality.

Support FAST !

If you came here already knowing you want to support FAST: Sponsor a FAST project! Grow the FAST community. Reach out about starting a chapter at your university. Connect with local high schools and build teams.


FAST's mission is to support historically disenfranchised or under-resourced high school students as they pursue open questions in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) fields through projects that the students and mentors independently develop. Through these projects and long-term mentorship from practicing professionals (e.g. graduate student researchers, professional artists/designers), students are exposed to new ways of thinking, careers in STEAM fields, and inspiration to pursue lifelong learning.

Support FAST

FAST method

Every other Saturday (Aug - Apr) 12 - 5 PM

At participating high schools or online

Early Fall

  • Mentee recruitment starts with invitation letters

  • “Pitch Day” to explain the program with presentations from FAST alumni and mentors and videos of cool unknowns in science and engineering for the upcoming year's themes

Late Fall

  • Brainstorming sessions with hands-on activities and team-building led by mentors

  • Students explore ideas and decide on project question

Winter and Spring

  • Mentor-led student workshops focus on topics such as college applications, scholarships, and presentation skills

  • Local science fair participation for selected student projects


  • All-participant poster symposium on Stanford University’s campus with:

    • Talks from Stanford professors

    • Sessions with college recruiters

    • Student-nominated awards

    • Tours of Stanford lab spaces

University chapters

University of California at Berkeley (Coming Soon!!)

Contact us below to be the third FAST chapter!





FAST high schools

Andrew Hill, San Jose, CA

James Lick, San Jose, CA

Richmond High, Richmond, CA

Kennedy High, Richmond, CA

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Please sponsor a FAST student or program

Every student needs ~$100/year for project supplies

Every school needs ~$10,000/year to start a new program

Consider making monthly donations to help us sustain funding!

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